Founded in 2011 in Malta, Eduworld Holding has grown into one of the world`s most prestigious company inclined to create new business and investment environment where schools and universities become essential partners for companies and industries in a way permitting them discovering new ways to increase their productivity, strengthen their competitiveness, and expand their markets.


Since its early days EH was a small business focused on growth.

The year 2011 witnessed the creation of a union of two universities in Italy and Slovakia with an emphatic focus on creating a rich academic portfolio and carrying on a real internationalization process of corriculuim and educational system.

The year 2015 brought second wind that accelerated the growth of the holding notably with the coming of significant investors and high profile business and education figures who have contributed to the growth of the Eduworld Holding at various aspects and levels .

Thanks to this contribution, EH managed to acquire additional accredited and internationally recognized universities across Europe and America and established a world class research center to promote universities with publication and research projects. In addition, the holding built up an Institution for University Development, two foundations and multiple complementary enterprises and managing entities to consolidate the structure and help the smooth development and growth of universities. In order to connect all these entities and facilitated the transfer of information and experience in an effective way, EH developed a technological center promoted through a large scale cooperation with leaders in technology and communication fields.

Eduworld Holding Today

Today EH and its different Academic, Business and technological entities, are all set to promote business and investment in education and education-related services and to provide an effective plateform to face the real challenges that education is facing today.

The spectacular growth in the activities of the holding have led to the creation of of 4 platforms of development to cover areas of Academic, Professional, Business and Technical innovation. Thanks to these platforms and the sustainable management of their different units, EH has become partner in leading international projects in Europe, Africa and America.

Missions and Goals

Bringing together a rich diversity of international universities in an itegrated unit and make them work together to acheive common goals of sustainable development and progressive social, economic and Academic growth. In carrying out our mission, EH Board of Directors placed special Emphasis on creating around the universities managing business and academic entities to make accessible the essential tools that universities and qualification centers need to operate in a challenging market.

The universities that are managed and controlled by EH have at their disposition a data processing center, a world class research center, an international publication house, a real estate managing body, a student service entity and a business center formed with different enterprises and firms operating internationally.

In addition to all this, EH involves two foundations, an Association of University Development and a cutting edge technological unit that is fully dedicated to help universities achieve their goals. All these tools are made available to pave the way towards an easy, time and cost effective development of the university and to increase the chance of the graduate to get an adequate job in his field of specialization.

Main Purpose

The main purpose of the Holding is to bring the universities, schools and qualification centers to the point where they meet the highest standards of quality, international recognition, innovation and competitivness and fulfill the highest expectations of learners and students by guaranteeing an up -to-the minute qualification, an internationally recognised diploma and provide the needed skills adopted and tested to meet the market demands.


˝From education for business growth to the growth of education as a business˝ Taking into consideration that ˝Inadequate education produces high costs for society in terms of public spending, crime, health, and social exclusion, the founders of EH believe in the saying that ˝Education has its price everywhere-but the only thing more expensive than investing in education is not investing in education˝.

The strategy adopted by EH is meant to provides a very unique and innovative view of investments in education based on intelligent financing concepts for education where governments, private businesses and universities work hand in hand to ensure a good educational infrastructure and services guided by a concise sustainable strategy for effective and purposeful lifelong learning outcome.


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