ISSI - Institute of Scientific Research

ISSI was founded in 1996 in Italy (Florence). In November 7, 2012, ISSI was recognized as a research institute authorized by the Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR).

MISSION and GOALS • Provide assistance to teachers and researchers in their attempt to participate in research projects and scientific activities • Identify and disseminate fields of potential interest to the university; • Identify funding opportunities and project idea; • Assist in the preparation and realization of projects; • Support the formation of international research consortia; • Advice on procedures, contractual aspects and reporting; • Consulting and assistance services to help improving the protection of intellectual property; assistance to start-up companies and the promotion and planning of technology transfer between universities.

RESEARCH DEPARTMENTS • IRES – Institutional Research on Environmental Studies • IRSHL – Institutional Research on Sport and Healthy Lifestyle • IRIS – Institutional Research Information System: this is the new interface of application services produced by Eduworld Holding Limited that allows the collection and management of the results of research carried out in universities or institutions related to EH. • IRHS – Institutional Research on Human Sciences

Eduworld Services is a leading limited company, founded in 2015, it delivers customized services for teachers, educational institutions and universities but most of all for Students.

Eduworld Services Limited tunes institutions on their peak performance and helps students and universities to meet the growing challenges of the educational and professional life.

Eduworld Services‘ philosophy is Student centered: In order to constantly improve and upgrade student services and the student experience at Eduworld Services, we use one guiding principle over and over again: What serves our students best? We want students to achieve their goals in the fewest steps possible, while understanding all of their options and having rewarding interactions with university staff.


• Career Center – The Career Center Provides universities‘students and alumni with the information and resources necessary to set and achieve their career goals.

• Counseling Center – The Counseling Center provides specialized professional services designed to support the educational process on ethnically diverse campuses and to assist students in their career, personal and social development.

• Cultural Events – Cultural Events presents a dynamic and artistically diverse series of performances by both seasoned and emerging artists. The goal is to foster an appreciation for the performing arts and enhance the educational experience of students by providing access to the world‘s best professional choreographers, composers, actors and musicians.

• Dining Services – The Dining Services team provides students, faculty and staff with outstanding food and service in a welcoming environment.

• Early Academic Outreach Program – The Early Academic Outreach Program objective is to prepare educationally and/or economically disadvantaged students to become eligible for the admission to the University they wish to belong to.

• Enrollment Management Systems – Enrollment Management Systems (EMS) provides quality programming and system support to help Enrollment Management recruit students, administer financial aid, and admit, enroll and retain an academically excellent and diverse student population.

• Financial Aid – The Financial Aid office administers financial support provided to our students from Federal, State, or local agencies. Financial Aid is committed to making it possible for all admitted students to be able to attend the University they wish to be aditted at, regardless of family financial circumstances.

• International Student Resource Center – The International Student Resource Center (ISRC) supports and promotes the success, wellness and personal growth of international students through expert advising, intercultural programming and advocacy. The ISRC creates a safe and welcoming environment that respects cultural diversity and fosters intercultural skills and communication across campuses.

• Student Health Services – Student Health Services provides high quality, confidential medical care to students, with a focus on convenient, affordable and accessible services.

• Student Life – Student Life is dedicated to the education and development of diverse student bodies and to creating a meaningful, learning-centered campus life. Student Life works in active partnership with student, faculty and staff to foster and support student opportunities for learning, involvement, leadership, community building and creative expression that complement classroom experiences.

Founded in 2015, Eduworld Real Estate is a Limited Liability Company founded to serve the purpose of managing the building, renting, selling and buying of real estates.

Eduworld Real Estate secures the proper and effective management of buildings and housing services to university students in order to guarantee the quality of services and the effective use of resources available.

Eduworld Real Estate has the direct management of the estates used by the Academic Institutions and Research entities. Hungary: Building in BUDAPEST of about 12.000 dedicated to the academic activities of King Sigismund College. The building’s property is ERE’s. The conference room has a capacity of 400 people and it is equipped with simultaneous translation cabinets. Common parts are dedicated to dining, library, scientific research publications and newspapers library and labs. Slovak Republic: SEVS university uses two buildings located in SKALICA and KOSICE, two cities located at the opposite sides of the Slovak Republic and this provides easy access also to students coming from the near countries. (Check Republic and Ukraine). Both the locations are equipped with classrooms and Telemost technology for distance learning. Italy: ERE manages various academic and research structures located all over the country. At north, in the towns of CUNEO and PINEROLO, the buildings of about 600 each, are used by the SSML A. Macagno and are equipped with classrooms, offices and simultaneous translation cabinets. In downtown TORINO, in a historical building, ISSI – Institute of Scientific Research – has its adminisrative offices. The space of about 600 is equipped with the fundamental technology for the research activities implementation. In ROME, Italy’s capital, ERE manages a whole campus. The complex, of about 20.000 is equipped with classrooms and Telemost technology for interactive videoconferences. Common parts are dedicated to dining, cafè, about 90 accommodations for both students and professors, all equipped with TV and hygiene services. In the city of Torrevecchia Teatina CHIETI, ERE manages the online University Leonardo da Vinci’s campus. The building, of about 9.000 is equipped with all the technology for distance learning, classic classrooms, conference rooms and offices. At South, in REGGIO CALABRIA, ERE manages three buildings: one dedicated to the executives offices, one provides classrooms to the branch campus of SEVS University and distance learning center of Leonardo da Vinci University and the last one is the Policlinic Madonna della Consolazione, where physiotherapy lessons of SEVS branch campus take place.

The Policlinic, with 158 beds, is one of the private biggest structures in the region. It is equipped with the most modern technologies and specialized personnel for Neurology, Cardiology, General Medicine, General Surgery, Pediatric Surgery, long-term care, rehabilitation. Russia: in the city of VORONEZH ERE manages the building tat currently hosts the VIHT University. The Campus is equipped with common parts for students, accommodations, dining, classrooms and distance learning technologies in addition to all the academic and executives offices. USA, Florida: office in FORT LAUDERDALE MIAMI dedicated to the main office of Sistine University of Florida. In progress. Malta: Rented building in downtown LA VALLETTA dedicated to the main EH offices. UNIPSA building in progress.

Created in 2005, Cyber Education Network, uses cutting-edge technology of interactive videoconferencing system already shared with many institutions operating in the field of education and scientific research.

In 2015 TELEMOST@ become property of Eduworld Holding. Designed to allow a deeper cooperation between universities and the world of work, TELEMOST © is a shared online space where any information on students, teachers, curricula, research programs, companies, can be stored and used.

TELEMOST© database enables the academic partners to improve the diffusion of scientific research and to develop new educational programs closely linked with the needs of the world of work and create targeted training in emerging professions. The speed with which information is input into TELEMOST© database, enables the academic partners to improve the diffusion of scientific research, to develop new educational programs closely linked with the needs of the world of work and create targeted training in emerging professions.

The strengths of TELEMOST©, are:

• Virtual mobility of teachers that allows the optimization of costs for both students and institutions

• Accessibility to education also for economically weaker categories

• Increase in both quality and quantity of academic offer

• Real internationalization of University education All the entities belonging to Eduworld Holding are linked together and with the CEN – Cybern Education Network through the TELEMOST© technology.

The following universities are members of TELEMOST network:

• MGIMO University, Moscow, Russia

• National Technical University of Ukraine, KYIV Polytechnic Institute, Kziv, Ukraine

• Uyhhorod National University, Uzhhorod, Ukraine

• ITEC Boisfleurz, High School, La Tronche, France

• Centre Libre Enseignement Superieur International, Toulon, France

• Mzkolas Romeris University, Vilnius, Lithuania

• SEVS University, Skalice, Slovakia

• SEVS University, Kosice, Slovakia

• Academy of Labour and Social Relations, Moscow, Russia The implementation of TELEMOST© is planned to take place in all the entities cooperating with EH.

Publication House

EH makes at the disposition of our universities and partners a publication house and peer-reviewed journal. MONDUZZI EDITORE Publisher was founded in Bologna, Italy, in the early 1970s.

It started as a publisher for the University of Medicine and Surgery. It has then consolidated its scientific catalogue expanding its activity to other University Faculties. Currently, it is operating with the new mark MONDUZZI EDITORIALE. Its aim is to supply the scientific community with an up-to-date information.


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