We do understand that a good and secure investment means different things to different people.

Using our collective expertise, we can help you establish yourself and your businesses as a key player in a business area that is dynamic, innovative and secure.


The rise of a global knowledge economy has intensified the need for strategic partnerships that go beyond the traditional funding of discrete research projects.


We trust that when companies and universities work in tandem to push the frontiers of knowledge, they become a powerful engine for innovation and economic sustainable growth. We equally believe that forming capacities and individuals who understand both worlds – academia and business – are the driving force behind successful collaboration

In order to serve the purpose of creating the best fruitful and efficient partnerships, we designed our universities to run longer, invest more, look farther ahead and hone the competitiveness of companies, institutions and regions. In short, they transform the role of the research university for the 21st century, anchoring it as a vital center of competence to help tackle social challenges and drive economic growth.

The effort of many leader universities and enterprises in establishing strategic partnerships have given rise to new technologies at a breakneck pace, and transformed industries while modernizing the role of the university



Our enterprises are inclined to support various businesses related to real estates, technologies ,project management and consultancy services .

We define Education as a main key driver inspiring people, driving the change and leading a sustainable society, culture and businesses growth.


EH applies in depth fundamental research and a rigorous due diligence process to selecting the best investing opportunities that have real potential to produce secure long term rates of return .

Our main aims are:

  • job-creating partnerships between universities and enterprises
  • Cross-fertilization of ideas in various sectors
  • strategic planning and the creation of sustainable businesses
  • contribute to a company’s performance



Eduworld Services is a Maltese company forming an integral part of the tissue of Eduworld Holding Malta consisting of various international universities and institutions. ES is built to provide and assure comprehensive and sustainable services related to education and professional qualifications and designed to respond effectively of the growing needs of graduates and public learners to get a quality future-proof education preparing them for an exciting and successful career.


Is a Maltese enterprise specialized in Capital management and Investment Consultancy The focus at Eduworld Capital Services Ltd is to provide you with superior personalized service and practical advice that is tailored to your investment goals. We serve a global client base from our headquarters in Malta and we rely on the expertise of our highly experienced team to assist our clients in achieving their investment objectives at the least risk possible.


Founded in 2015, EDUWORLD REAL ESTATE is a Limited Liability Company founded only to deal with the building, selling and buying of real estates functional to the academic activities of Eduworld Holding. Eduworld Real Estate secures the proper and effective management of buildings and housing services to university students in order to guarantee the quality of services and the effective use of resources available. Eduworld Real Estate has the direct management of the estates used by the Academic Institutions and Research entities.


Created in 2005, CYBER EDUCATION NETWORK, uses cutting-edge technology of interactive videoconferencing system already shared with many institutions operating in the field of education and scientific research.

In 2015 TELEMOST@ become property of Eduworld Holding. Designed to allow a deeper cooperation between universities and the world of work, TELEMOST © is a shared online space where any information on students, teachers, curricula, research programs, companies, can be stored and used.


Is a Slovak firm, founded in 2015 by 3 partners united by a common goal to create a culture of cooperation to offer clients the best possible consultancy services in Education and innovative technologies We work for Slovak, Italian, Maltese and international clients, from large corporate groups, advising on their day to day activities as well as any exceptional and contentious matters. "Our two main values: Quality & innovation” The search for quality underscores everything we do at Collegium International: Our teams are multinational and are equipped with future proof skills enabling them to deliver the highest rank of services. This drive towards excellence can also be seen in our ongoing investment in recruiting and training the very best international specialists in Education and innovation technologies.

ISSI - Institute of Scientific Research

ISSI was founded in 1996 in Italy (Florence). In November 7, 2012, ISSI was recognized as a research institute authorized by the Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR).


The association for University development

The association For International University Development is a platform for academics and university representatives to meet , discuss and explore various ways to create development at the academic and research levels.

What follows is a general list of what we believe are the main unique selling propositions associated with investing with Eduworld Holding:

  • Investment in Education with a partner that has a long history expertise in Education is very specific and very rewarding
  • The management of the Business in education has already been formulated
  • The support of the network is already in place
  • Your chances at receiving business financing are improved