All the universities managed by EH are non-profit institutions enjoying a good deal of independence and autonomy but sharing the same strategy and are interconnected and united in their visions based on social and economic sustainability.

All institutions use advanced technologies both for the conduction of academic activities and for the development and promotion of scientific research activities.

All the academic institutions belonging or managed by EH are recognised by all or at least one of these:

  • British Commonwealth education and qualification system
  • American Education System
  • European Education System

SEVS – Stredoeurópska Vysoká Škola v Skalici, Slovak Republic

The ambition of SEVS is to develop values of education and culture, knowledge and awareness.

SEVS is operating as a higher education institution providing university education under the auspices of the nonprofit organization University of Central Europe in Skalica.  SEVS is accredited by the ministry of Education of the Slovak Republic since November 2005 and has two campuses in Skalice and Kosice. SEVS obtained the prestigious quality certification in accordance with the criteria of the international standard EN ISO 9001:2008. The University of Central Europe in Skalica managed during its 10 years history to establish itself as a leading university with a very international appeal  To day SEVS is a reflection of a very modern university that has gone an effective internationalization process. The outcomes of this are: – The creation of a qualification center to serve as a bridge linking the Academic world with the labor market; – Join degree with MGIMO Russia (Master degree in Environmental Marketing);

– Join degree with Užhorodská Národná Univerzita Ukraine (Master degree in International Relation). SEVS now has established branch campuses in Rome, Torino and Reggio Calabria.

ZSKF – King Sigismund College, Hungary

By organizing education and introducing a standard quality system, ZSKF wants to establish a student-centered higher level educational institution where to help students achieving their individual goals, meanwhile contributing to the development of Hungarian economy (the labor force) and follow the current laws and rules that both regulate the work of Hungarian higher education and correspond to the integration processes within the European Union.

ZSKF is accredited by the ministry of education of Hungary.

SSML – Scuola Universitaria per Mediatori Linguistici “Adriano Macagno”, Italy

SSML “ADRIANO MACAGNO” University Institute has been acknowledged by the Italian Department of Education, University and Research on September 30, 2005. The “dual degree” agreement with Montpellier University (France) is active and valid since 2012/2013 academic year.

In addition to the mandatory English language, students will have the option to choose a language between: French, German, Spanish, Russian and Chinese. The academic offer of SSML recently also included continuous education opportunities through Masters and Specialization courses structured on the job world expectations and needs.

Faculty members are coming from companies with an important role in the productive sector and are able to face even important managerial problems.

LDV – Universitá telematica “Leonardo da Vinci”, Italy

‘Gabriele d’Annunzio’ University, established in 1965 as a ‘Libera Università’ (non-state-owned university), became state-owned in 1982.

The online university „Leonardo Da Vinci“ is a new and young reality that integrates the Eduworld Holding academic offer and at the same time stimulates the research in the Information and Communication Technology field. Today, it is mainly characterized by its e-learning Campus, the Leonardo Da Vinci University

VIHT – Voroneh Institute of High Technologies, Russia

Voronezh Institute of Higher Technologies (VIHT) is an autonomous nonprofit educational organization of higher professional education. VIHT is a dynamically developing educational centre of Voronezh and the Blak Soil region of Russia.

The history of VIHT started on August 25, 1992, when the International University of Higher Technologies was founded. The VIHT founders are Voronezh State Technical University, Voronezh State Medical Academy, Voronezh Regional Diagnostic Center, Voronezh Mechanical Plant, Research Center for the Specialist Training Quality Problems, Russian Fund of Attestation, Accreditation and Scientific Expertise of Higher Educational Institutions “Rosvuzattestatsiya.“

VIHT operates in a system of lifelong learning: pre-university training – secondary professional education at own college – higher professional education – postgraduate studies – advanced professional education. The institute prepares highly skilled personnel in the field of IT-technologies, fire and technosphere safety, management, service and tourism. VIHT has international certification by the International Education Society Ltd. and ISO 9001-2008 quality certification of educational programs. In addition to the nationally recognized diplomas, VIHT graduates are provided with an opportunity to obtain internationally recognized certificates.

ANOBS – Alfred Nobel Open Business School, Hong Kong

A professional Business College, which uses its institutional relations to provide the highest standards of academic activities.

This cohesive strategy enables Alfred Nobel Open BC to play a leading role in the world of distance education in four continents. At the same time, the College do not only benefit from the highest technological background of Hong Kong S.A.R., but also from its flexible educational legal norms. The holding company registered in Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of P.R. China (reg. no. 1709134) has gained the support of the government-accredited ZSKF King Sigismund College (Budapest), one of Hungary’s foremost institutions of higher education as well as by other strategic university partners in Asia and the most developed countries of Asia. Based on our strong partnership with several European and Asian higher educational partners, we have a growing reputation for online postgraduate courses. However, we also remain true to our commitment to excellence in teaching and close contact between students and faculty members.

Offering a world of possibilities, all of the school’s traditional open MBA, preparatory and doctoral programmes have been extensively internationalized to give students the global competence they need to compete both in their countries of residence and abroad


Academic Activity starting in Fall 2016.


SISTINE UNIVERSITY, INC., is a Florida corporation founded on October 06, 2015 The Degree Granting Authority request is in progress.


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